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Wasted is an interactive narrative experience to immerse the player in the heart of depression disorder.

Wasted tells a piece of life of a depressed person following him in his daily life. His place of life becomes a reflection of his mental and emotional state.

The experience does not aim to provide a fun form of pleasure. Placing the player in the mind of a depressive, it is primarily a sensory and subjective diving in the illness.

To better recreate the vicious circle in which the depressed person is, time unfolds through a series of cycles representing his days. The player can only then go around in circles in his apartment until the end...

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Emilie Breslavetz - Game Designer
Guillaume Dor - Developer
Rémi Fusade - Game Designer
Benjamin Rigotti - Graphic Artist
Alexandre Schnepf - Sound Designer
Tony Salamon - Additional Help


Augustin Jacob - The Voice
Danièle Rezzi - The Mother
Sarah Cotten - The Sister
Xavier Clion - The Friend
Isabelle Saudubray - Radio Presenter
Yaël Rauzada - Voiceover Radio
Bruno Amiet - TV Journalist
Thomas Sila - TV Presenter
Geoffrey Lopez - Next Door Neighbor
Charlotte Gachon - Next Door Neighbor

Special Thanks

Timothée Sonnier
Victoria Guillon
Emilie Pierson Duval


Wasted_Classic 173 MB
Wasted_Oculus_Rift_DK2_0.5.0.1. 151 MB

Install instructions

Please note you can change the configuration of the game in the option menu. You'll be able to put the game in English, activate subtitles or move to QWERTY layout if you're not playing with a gamepad. We highly recommend playing with headphones for a better immersion.


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That was interesting. Well made. Atmospheric. Thank you


I would like to point out that the game doesn't open in Wasted_classic